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As a business leader, only three things matter to you about your IT. You want to know that it is accessible to those that need access, secure for those that shouldn’t have access and recoverable in the event of a disaster. At Business Computer Solutions, we understand this and how important it is to your organisation.

The professional team at Business Computer Solutions Ltd (BCS) has been providing first class IT support to businesses in Kent since formation in 1996. Through technical excellence, passionate service and our investment in software tools, we are always working to resolve the issues that threaten to disrupt efficiency and the productivity of your business. This is sometimes delivered alongside your existing IT department to enhance the available expertise or more often as a completely accountable outsource partnership assisting with planning and budgeting for future investments. Our customer retention rate remains high and our staff turnover low. This we believe reflects the quality and investment in our people and importantly, our culture of customer care.

The ‘Core Values’ of a company is its culture and culture is what happens when the Managing Director is not in the room. Our Core Values are at the heart of our structured business development plan and even used as part of our staff hiring procedures. Our three Core Values are Integrity for the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, Dependability for telling people what you plan to do and then do it – every time. Lastly, Education for having a quest for knowledge and supporting colleagues with their continued development.

The team at BCS consists of twenty five members of staff, including four ladies and amazingly five vegetarians. A tour of our Ramsgate office and an introduction to the team is always available, so you can see just how great our company culture is. You may even see a ninja!

“We’ve never suffered system failure. I take this for granted… but I know it’s BCS”


Security software, WiFi and Backup & Recovery are just some of the services we offer to benefit your organisation, as an extension of your support plan with us.



Both of our support plans are fixed price, with all inclusive IT support. You can see our pricing table and see which support plan suits your organisation best.



As part of your support package with BCS, up to two people from your organisation can attend any scheduled training workshop in our on-site Learning Zone.