Workshops Scheduled in the BCS Learning Zone

//Workshops Scheduled in the BCS Learning Zone

Workshops Scheduled in the BCS Learning Zone

At Business Computer Solutions, we have the BCS Learning Zone, which hosts workshops on Microsoft related topics and other work related subjects. Whether you are an existing BCS customer or not, everyone is welcome and we would love to see you here!

Fancy attending one of our workshops? Here are our scheduled sessions up to and including October 2017:

Monday 4th September (09.30-12.30) – Word Intermediate

Monday 4th September (13.30-16.30) – Excel Intermediate

Thursday 14th September (09.30-12.30) – Excel Basic

Thursday 14th September (13.30-16.30) – Office 365

Monday 18th September (09.30-12.30) – PowerPoint

Monday 18th September (13.30-16.30) – Excel Intermediate

Thursday 28th September (09.30-12.30) – Excel Basic

Thursday 28th September (13.30-16.30) – Advanced Turbo Excel

Monday 2nd October (09.30-12.30) – Publisher

Monday 2nd October (13.30-16.30) – Excel Intermediate

Thursday 12th October (09.30-12.30) – Outlook

Thursday 12th October (13.30-16.30) – Excel Intermediate

Monday 16th October (09.30-12.30) – Word Intermediate

Monday 16th October (13.30-16.30) – Work Smarter with Your Computer

Thursday 26th October (09.30-12.30) –  Word Basic

Thursday 26th October (13.30-16.30) – Excel Basic


Please call Becca or David on 01843 572600 or email  if you would like to attend or find out more about the BCS Learning Zone.

All our scheduled workshops can be seen at

You can read more about the BCS Learning Zone here, on our dedicated blog section.

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