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GDPR in Kent

GDPR is the on the minds of every business owner in Kent. With so much information available how can you separate the facts from the myths?

Therefore, we have put together a variety of resources and workshops to help you along your journey regardless of how much knowledge or budget you have.

We host Lunch and Learn events and even 1-day workshops every month that are run by  our own GDPR certified practitioner who will help you make sense of why GDPR is important, what exactly is GDPR, what do you need to do about it, and how you will make sure that you have all the right documentation, systems and processes in place.


Getting started with GDPR

If you prefer to read then you might find our introduction to GDPR ebook here very helpful.

Prefer to learn in person and ask questions you can find our free Lunch and Learn sessions here.

Need help preparing for GDPR ?

If you have an understanding of what GDPR is but need help understanding what is required for your business then maybe a 1 day session with our consultants are best for you?

GDPR in Kent

GDPR in Kent

Looking for something to take away and read later then check out this short ebook you can download right here in 1 click.